8 of the Friendliest places to live in Britain

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Have you managed to get a swanky job in Britain? Perhaps you’ve met some rather nice chap/lady on the Facebooks and now dream of living in the land of crumpets and tea? Picking where to live can be complicated, as there are lots of beautiful places in good old Blighty.

So to help you decide on your new home, the fine folks at Comparethemarket.com have produced a list of the top 15 Friendliest places to live in the UK. Here are 8 of the friendliest picked from the list.

The key points: You’ll want good transport, good community spirit, a cracking fish and chip shop nearby and of course friendly folks. Oh and ideally, a decent pub that doesn’t have a carpet awash in stale beer.

Many of the house prices listed ARE expensive, and that’s due to their central locations. But there are plenty of properties in these areas that are affordable for those on smaller budgets. You’ll just have to downsize or be willing to travel. But yes, in general, house prices are much higher compared to America.

The last two on this list were actually voted at the top of the survey…and both are in the north of England. Proving the old adage that people are friendlier “up north?”…Quite possibly!

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