9 British food items you can buy in American stores today!

First it was the British music invasion, and now it’s British food! A whole lovely assortment of choccies, tea, cakes and puddings have started to appear in big box American stores such as WalMart.

In North Carolina a store called Harris Teeter even has a dedicated section of space for products from the United Kingdom. And of course there is the World Market chain with over 250 stores that cover much of the United States.

The following are 9 British products you can now walk in-store today and buy and not have to pay the higher $$ shipping fees when using an online store:


British Chocolate –


crunchie-bar-british-food1. Cadbury’s Crunchie

Quite possible the most delicious chocolate bar in the world (some argue Galaxy is better). A delicious chocolate with a honeycomb centre from Cadbury’s.

Available at: Harris Teeter and World Market




2. Galaxy Chocolate

Not to be confused with the bland Dove chocolate version, the British Galaxy chocolate is sublime.

Available at: World Market



aero-chocolate-british-food3. Aero Bars

Bubbly chocolate available in Mint, Orange and the best PURE chocolate version.

Available at: Harris Teeter and World Market



British Tea –


pgtips-britishfood4. PG Tips Tea

Britain’s number one tea – and very nice it is too. Was surprised to see this WalMart as they tend not to import too much stuff in.

Available at: Walmart, Harris Teeter, World Market




5. Tetley Tea (British Blend)

Another classic brew is available right now at WalMart instore.
Available at: Walmart, World Market





6. Downton Abbey Tea

World Market has a whole range of Downton Abbey themed products – and what’s better than the Downton Abbey tea? Yes, it’s a bit cheesy but it tastes good

Available at: World Market


Other British Goodies –


7. Spotted Dick sponge

I’ll be honest – Spotted Dick is as funny sounding in England as it is in America. But it is an old, old classic that people love.

Available at: Harris Teeter, World Market



8. Indian Curry

The best Indian curry I’ve found is at WorldMarket under the Asian Passage brand. It’s as close to a proper Indian restaurant in the UK as you can get.

Available at: World Market




9. Robinsons Squash

This always makes me think of England in the summer. A classic concentrated squash that is perfect for thirsty kids and adults.

Available at: Harris Teeter, World Market


Blimey! is your daily dose of British news and features for anglophiles everywhere! This article was carefully written by Tim Holt, a British blogger, photographer and actor based in the USA. Forever torn between two magnificent slices of sod.

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Galaxy sounds good as Dove is one of my favorites


Yes, try and find Galaxy – totally different taste. More Coca.

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