Blimey! British Embassy in Washington commemorate burning of White House


Oh dear.. the British Embassy made a right gaffe yesterday, posting the above picture on twitter with the caption: “Commemorating the 200th anniversary of burning the White House. Only sparklers this time!”

Yikes. British diplomats should probably not have done that as Americans tend to be a bit annoyed when the Brits suggest burning down their cherished official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States.


The reason behind the daft picture? It’s 200 years exactly since the British captured the US Capital and set fire to it. On August 24th 1814, British troops occupied Washington for two days and burnt down many buildings around the Capitol. US President James Madison had to flee with his wife Dolley and it marks the only time the the US Capital has been invaded.

The Embassy has since apologised, saying “Apologies for earlier Tweet. We meant to mark an event in history & celebrate our strong friendship today.”

Still, the cake looked quite tasty.

Blimey! is your daily dose of British news and features for anglophiles everywhere! This article was carefully written by Tim Holt, a British blogger, photographer and actor based in the USA. Forever torn between two magnificent slices of sod.

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