Blimey! Take a look at some of the most expensive homes and streets in Britain!

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A new list of the most expensive postcodes to live in Britain came out today and it’s really quite surprising “how the other half lives” – especially in London.

The number of home owners in the UK who are technically ‘property millionaires’ now stands at a whopping 484,081. That’s almost 50% higher than last year!

London features the most with 12 streets with average prices over £10 million ($17 million). A typical house on Kensington Palace Gardens, the most expensive street on the list, is now worth around £42,730,706 ($70 million) That’s 162 times the value of the average British house of £263,705 ($350,000)

Yes, the average British home is $350,000. It’s going to take me YEARS to have enough money for my castle. Bah humbug!

Here is a gallery of some of the most amazing properties and streets on the list. First the area, then the picture of a property on that street to show the house value. Blimey!

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Blimey! is your daily dose of British news and features for anglophiles everywhere! This article was carefully written by Tim Holt, a British blogger, photographer and actor based in the USA. Forever torn between two magnificent slices of sod.

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