Blimey! This British burger is too posh to scoff!

Fancy spending $1,500 on a gold-leaf burger? Of course you don’t. Don’t be daft. But if you have more money than sense, then get your lips around the world’s most expensive burger. But don’t worry, your money is well spent as along with gold, it also features bits of lobster and a dollop of caviar. Bargain!

According to the owners at the Honky Tonk restaurant in Chelsea, London, it took three weeks to develop and each of the 14 listed ingredients cost around $100 each. And yes, that includes $100 for the salt and $100 for the mayonnaise. What’s it made from? Unicorn milk?

The main meat is 220g of Kobe wagyu beef, minced with New Zealand venison and in the middle is a black truffle Brie. A dash of Himalayan salt is added and some Canadian lobster poached in Iranian saffron.

Oh wait. There’s more according the Indy.

Topping the meat is more meat: bacon coated with maple syrup, along with beluga caviar and a hickory smoked duck egg covered in gold leaf. The bun is seasoned with Japanese matcha, which is a kind of powdered green tea, and mayonnaise, and then also coated in gold leaf. The garnish is a mango and champagne jus with grated white truffle.


Blimey! is your daily dose of British news and features for anglophiles everywhere! This article was carefully written by Tim Holt, a British blogger, photographer and actor based in the USA. Forever torn between two magnificent slices of sod.

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