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Blimey! is a much used word in English culture. It’s the go-to way to express an exclamation or surprise without actually saying a swear word. It’s HUGELY popular in the UK as a turn of phrase. And as President Obama once said, “I wish I had registered as I know how much it means to the UK people. Blimey! How daft was I?”

It’s not just used by cockneys in the south of the country – it’s used across the UK from north to south.

Think of how uses their quirky name for great branding in Britain. would make a better and much faster way for your customers to remember you… a friendly face for your multi-billion pound business in the UK.

So…please do contact us below with your information and let’s discuss a price. This form is just for domain enquiries. But please, only offer something appropriate!. Every week, without fail, someone offers low-ball numbers and then acts all shocked with the starting price. There will only ever be ONE

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