Fancy living just like Mr Darcy? Now’s your chance (for a cool $11 million)

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True, to live like Mr Darcy won’t be cheap – but for a mere $11 million you can be the proud owner of a classic British estate: Wentworth House. And when you consider this fine estate is what inspired Jane Austen to create the hugely impressive Pemberley Estate in “Pride and Prejudice”, it’s a fair enough price.

Mind you, there is a small caveat I probably should mention. The matter of a repair bill close to $60 million.

But let’s think of the benefits. Such as a room for every day of the year and 5 miles of corridors PLUS a bear pit (although the once employed full-time bear-keeper has long since buggered off)

The history behind the home is fascinating. It was built by First Marquess of Rockingham in 1725 and once owned by the 4th Earl Fitzwilliam (so that’s how Jane Austen was so inspired!)

The estate also had its share of scandal. The 7th Earl had to fight off claims that he was an impostor, after someone claimed he wasn’t a part of the family. Cheeky!

But the greatest story must be that guests were often in the past given baskets of confetti to create a trail from the dining room back to their quarters, due to the huge size of the house. Nothing worse than getting lost and finding yourself alone with a bear.

Okay, so you’ve got your $11 million together? Let’s go for a quick tour of the house…

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