Fancy spending the night at Downton Abbey?

Okay, that’s not really fair. You won’t actually be spending the night inside Highclere Castle, but in the grounds of “Downton Abbey” in the Gatehouse, so that’s pretty close and it’s the very first time people have been allowed to. It’s about a mile down the road from the castle and is very charming and…”cosy”. You’ll see it if you’ve ever visited Highclere Castle, when you drive through the grounds to leave. Want to see a trip to Highclere?  Visit our feature when we went to visit Downton Abbey last Christmas.

Having been in the area, it really is beautiful and not a naff part of the grounds at all. You’re really close to the castle itself and have a huge amount of grounds to explore as well as the local village to visit. It would be a real treat.

The Gatehouse available to rent

The Gatehouse available to rent. Still getting the last minute touches to the place.

Now that treat doesn’t come cheap, of course. It costs £500 per night, which is approx $750. But it’s a truly unique place to stay and you’ll be among the first since it was built in 1793 by the first Earl of Carnarvon.

Lady Carnarvon said of the opportunity : ‘It’s a new step for me. We will welcome people from all over,  I expect. Access is going to depend on the time of year. It will be cosy, charming and unique. ‘It’s exciting bringing back to life an old, sad building and again giving it purpose. It is a new departure  for us to try short lets and we hope it will amuse people.

‘I hope to suggest some walks around various paths in the estate as well as suggesting local pubs.’

As soon as the website for the Gatehouse rental is available, I’ll add the link.



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