Want to fly to London right now? Take this 3D tour of the capital

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Modern air travel is incredible. I’m able to fly over 3,500 miles from America tonight and in just over 8 hours, be drinking tea and scoffing crumpets at a London cafe. But wouldn’t it be great to visit London RIGHT NOW, at a flick of a switch?

Don’t be daft. That’s impossible.

But you can do a virtual fly-through of London which is almost as fancy pants and much cheaper than an airline ticket. How is this possible? Well, Google have pumped brain juice into their Google Maps app, making it easy peasy for anyone to zoom through the streets of London. And some of the views really are beautiful. Imagine how far this technology will go when VR (Virtual Reality) headsets are finally available to the masses.

The update covers the whole city and not just the tourist hot spots. The following is a quick slideshow of what you will see – but why not head over to London right now and take a gander yourself? Toodle-pip!

Note: You MAY need to install a Google Earth plugin etc. Don’t worry, it’s quite safe as it’s from Google themselves and not some dodgy bloke wanting to steal your nano chips and credit card bits and widgets.

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