History demolished: 5 examples of London’s lost buildings

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I promised Blimey! wouldn’t just focus on London but this article in today’s UK Daily Telegraph was just too good to pass up. It features a slideshow of London’s lost buildings to celebrate the life of Sir John Betjeman who fought to save Britain’s architectural heritage.

I’ve picked 5 from the list of 15 incredibly interesting images. There are examples on the slideshow of buildings that have survived like St Pancras railway station, Euston Road and Holy Trinity, Sloane Square; both of which were earmarked for the bulldozer.

It’s amazing to think that even in the 1960s those in higher power were demolishing this rich and incredible history forever. And even today the battle to save beautiful old buildings is raging on in the United Kingdom.

One thing to consider as a tourist to the UK: many art galleries, churches and museums are available to be viewed for free. But often they have a donation box. Drop a few quid ($2) in there if you can, shield them from the buggers who want to cut the funding to support them.

Story Source: Daily Telegraph

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