How to Watch Downton Abbey Season 5 online for free in the USA

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Yesterday was the big night in the UK, the premiere of the new series (season) of the incredibly popular television programme, Downton Abbey. But don’t despair if you live outside of the UK (say you’re on a business trip from the UK) and want to watch it – there is a free and easy way to hook up your laptop or PC/Mac computer so you can stream it.

And if you have a HDMI-enabled laptop (many new ones are), you can even connect it to your telly and watch it on the big screen! Perfect whilst scoffing some finely cut sandwiches and hot tea.

Now, there are other methods to watch Dowton, but this is a legal way for UK residents to watch their shows when abroad. It’s also the best way to avoid malware risks on illegal websites.

Note: Each episode is shown live on the ITV channel at 9pm UK Time – so that is 4pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) in America as the Brits are 5 hours ahead. But if you miss it, you can also use this method to watch it on catch-up later.

Downton Abbey is already on the Catchup section

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