How to watch England play at the World Cup for free

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I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Football. The English kind, of course. Not the one with the funny shaped ball with lots of chaps wearing too much padding and shouting “10 down” or whatever that is.

I blame my older brother, his obsession with Manchester United pretty much killed it for me growing up. He often forced me into the goals at every opportunity and I didn’t like the ball smashing into my fat face all the time.

Since I moved to America, however, I have been known to nip down to the local tavern and watch matches – makes me feel less homesick and also the beer is just $2 a pint. Now the World Cup is a different story. I love watching it. But in America, you cannot watch all the games for free unless you have a fancy pants TV package. But in the UK, all the World Cup games are free to air.

So here is the guide to watch the BBC and ITV via your laptop for all the best World Cup football action for free! And yes, it also means you can watch lots of British telly on your laptop too.

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