How to watch Live British TV abroad on your iPad & iPhone: BBC iPlayer, ITV, Channel 4 + more

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Unlike the free guide to watch the BBC iPlayer and other British TV channels, this one is specifically for those of you with an iPad or iPhone. It costs just $55 a year to work, but it’s well worth it. About $4.50 a month when you calculate it. Bargain for live and on-demand British telly! It’s also good if you’re traveling to China or a country that restricts your access to the web, as the VPN access will unlock restrictions.

Note: This guide is geared towards British citizens who have traveled abroad and miss the delights of UK TV. Of course, if you’re a very naughty American wanting to see the premiere of Downton Abbey when it airs in the UK this autumn/fall, then I cannot stop you.

But don’t blame me if the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 helicopters swoop across the Atlantic and drag you from your garden in a steel box, straight to the Tower of London. It’s happened. A bloke down the pub told me.

There is a final optional step if you want to watch that lovely British telly on a big screen TV via a HDMI cable, so stick around for that if you own one of those swanky adapters.

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