How to watch Live British TV abroad on your iPad & iPhone: BBC iPlayer, ITV, Channel 4 + more

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Step 1. Order the VPN service via Strong VPN


Got your iPad or iPhone? Good. Ideally iPad 2 and above. iPad 1 is so out of date it might struggle with the streaming and many of the apps don’t support it anymore. Try and get an iPhone 4 and above for maximum performance. Technically, this also works for the newer iPods too.

Firstly you need what’s known as a VPN (virtual private network). That sounds all techie and complex, but it basically means your internet connects to the UK so the FilmOn and other apps think you’re in the land of tea and crumpets and not the land of free refills.

The VPN service I use is STRONG VPN (external link opens in new window) – it’s proved it’s worth many, many times and at $55 a year it’s great value. Plus your information is protected and they are very good at the support level should you get stuck.

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