London underground walking distances between each tube station

The London tube strikes recently caused huge amounts of chaos for commuters trying to find alternative ways into work. With that in mind a very enterprising company have produced a “walking map” – so you can get a good idea how long it takes to walk to the nearest tube station on that line.

Their website  has breakdowns of the Victoria Line, Bakerloo Line, Circle and District Line.

With this being the first of days of strike action, these maps could be very useful indeed as only limited stretches of the underground were operating. The RMT union claim there is “Rock solid” support for the action by their members and although 9 of the 11 London Underground lines did have some service, there were big crowds at the major stations early this morning.

The last strike in April, an extra 266 buses were put on by Transport of London to take the strain – including a few antique Routemaster buses. Speaking at the time, Mike Brown, the managing director of London Underground, said: “Thousands of staff and volunteers are working hard this morning to keep London working and our customers informed in the face of this pointless strike.

“More London Underground staff have come to work this morning than during the strike back in February, and a record number of London buses are operating.”

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