New Downton Abbey Season 5 teaser released

It’s short, but quite sweet. ITV has released a 20 second teaser of the new series/season of Downton Abbey which is due to hit UK screens in the Autumn. American audiences will have to wait until early 2015 before PBS shows it.

Not too much can be gleamed from this, but there are some tiny spoilers if you wish to read below the video…

The lovely Lesley Nicol, who plays Mrs. Patmore on the series, has dished info on the filming of series 5, saying, “We’re just beginning the Christmas special. I’m under strict orders [not to say anything], you know I am!”

News has already leaked that Richard E Grant was joining the cast (he sent a tweet containing a picture of himself in costume, which got him in some trouble)

“Richard E. Grant was so nice, fantastic,” she continued. “I was thinking, ‘That’s a bit fancy isn’t it, having Richard E. Grant!’ And before I could even think it he came up to Sophie, who plays Daisy, and said: ‘Do you mind frightfully if I have a picture?’ I was thinking: ‘I was thinking exactly the same but didn’t dare ask!’ So we got some rather good selfies with him.”

Thankfully everything seems to be going really well and all the new cast members are getting along great with the established players.

“We’re a company of actors and we are a family,” Nicol said. “It’s lovely to see everyone and we get on. We’ve got a couple of days where we’ll all be together, then there’s a lot of Bananagram going on.”

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