Pictures: View inside the Queen’s new golden carriage

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In my previous life as a photographer back in England some 16 years ago, I was often sent to Royal events to photograph Princess Diana, Prince Charles and the Queen. I was once posted outside Camilla’s house for a rubbish tabloid newspaper, as she was returning home that night from London. I actually ended up going to the village pub instead. I thought it was too much of an intrusion, hence why I was a really bad press agency photographer (but awesome whisky drinker) and I quit soon afterwards.

On many of the press calls I would see Prince Philip who is famous for his lack of political correctness. True, he can be way over the top. But you have to understand how much people FAWN over the Royal family. So in many ways, Philip was refreshing in that he was a cheeky chap and didn’t put up with all that nonsense.

Point I’m trying to make here is – although the following IS outlandish, it’s a tradition. And although I don’t have a picture of the Queen in my house over here, I do think they are an incredible asset to Britain. Especially being this side of the ocean. Americans love the Queen!

The following is a gallery of the Queen’s new golden carriage which she rode in yesterday for the opening of the houses of Parliament. It’s festooned with amazing pieces of history…

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