The Tower of London like you’ve never seen it before

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The Tower of London is set to feature a beautiful installation entitled “Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red”, marking one century since the start of Britain’s involvement in the First World War.

888,246 ceramic poppies are to be placed in the Tower’s dry moat, with each one symbolising a British or Colonial military fatality during the war.

The last poppy will be planted on 11 November 2014. Each poppy will available to buy for £25 (+p&p). 10% from each poppy, plus all net proceeds will be shared equally amongst six service charities. You can register your interest in buying on here.

The installation is the creation of ceramic artist Paul Cummins. He said: “I had an idea to make them and it has snowballed. So many people are involved – far more than I thought. I’m really happy that so many volunteers are offering their time and are enjoying the process of planting the flowers.

“For me, the artwork is transient. It won’t be here forever, much like human beings.

“I also like that, from the air, it looks like the Tower is bleeding. It’s very poignant.”

Click through the gallery to view The Tower Of London with the many hundreds of thousands of poppies that have already been placed in the moat. It’s quite breathtaking.

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