Two faint at the Globe theatre during “gory” Shakespeare play

Shakespeare’s most gory play “Titus Andronicus”, currently playing at the Globe theatre in London, is proving a bit too much for some audiences.

Seven people in the past week have fainted after watching Flora Spencer-Longhurst, as Lavinia, walking on stage covered in blood after she had been raped and her tongue and hands cut off.

It was probably just a bit too much for those not used to the cut and thrust of the productions at the globe or the promise that this production is “grotesquely violent and daringly experimental”.

This is live theatre at its most raw. A globe spokesman says, “Shakespeare definitely didn’t pull any punches when he was writing Titus – it is a brutally violent play and Lucy’s production is a bloody, exhilarating, incense-laden feast for the senses. But no, it’s not one for the squeamish.”

The original Shakespeare’s Globe in London was destroyed by fire on 29 June 1613 while this copy was opened in 1997 and designed to be as accurate as possible to the original building. Blood and all…

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