UnoTelly Review: The fastest and easiest way to watch British TV in America

One thing that is essential for me, is the ability to watch television programmes from the UK whilst staying in America. And not just watching catch-up on the BBC iPlayer and ITV Player, but viewing live shows such as the new series of Downton Abbey, for example.

It really helps me feel connected to my homeland. Not that I ever lived in an Abbey. But I did serve people once and been known to wash a few pots. Anyway, you get the point.

Now there are lots of options to watch British TV in America, but so many involve complicated set-up methods or unreliable VPN connections. As I’m quite tech savvy, I was able to sort this out eventually, but I wanted a much simpler and faster way to connect.

So when the team at UnoTelly reached out to me a few weeks ago, I was a bit skeptical. Could they really deliver?

Wow. After adding a few entries into my home router, I was FINALLY able to access the BBC iPlayer, ITV player, 4OD and more with super fast speeds AND NO CONTINUAL BUFFERING compared to my usual VPN provider. Truly easy and remarkable. That’s because UnoTelly’s DirectConnect system uses your full internet speed.


It sets your location to the UK at the very start of the channel request, and then the rest of the data flows directly to you with no bottlenecks. I experienced no slow downs, error messages or random disconnections.

Having tried other providers in the past (such as Unblock-us and Strong VPN) – I have to say UnoTelly have really nailed it. There is a significant difference in what you get for your $4.99 a month.

You can also pay a bit more for the Gold plan ($7.95 a month) which includes a regular VPN connection too. And of course there is much more than just the ability to watch UK TV. You have access to channels across the globe, no matter where you are. Smashing.

It’s hard to write such a positive review without it sounding like an advertisement for a company. But when you’ve tried so many other providers and had many frustrating experiences, it’s a truly refreshing experience.

Anyway – give it a go. It’s free to try for 8 days with no credit card required to sign up. Highly recommended British telly lovers!

Blimey! is your daily dose of British news and features for anglophiles everywhere! This article was carefully written by Tim Holt, a British blogger, photographer and actor based in the USA. Forever torn between two magnificent slices of sod.

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