Visiting London? Things you should avoid!

I’ll be truthful, London isn’t a complete bed of roses. It can be quite smelly in the summer, very overcrowded, expensive and a nightmare to drive through. Not only that, but there are some tourist traps best avoided if at all possible.

So, what better than a “9 worst things to do in London” and I agree with many of them. Especially the driving and Oxford Street. Urgh.

Here are 4 of the ones they picked out out of the 9. Visit the Telegraph website for the full list!

Rush hour on the Central Line

Singling out the Central Line might seem unfair – after all it is infinitely more regular than the District Line and moves you across London far more quickly than the tedious Circle Line. But this is a personal choice, and no other line seems to make me suffer quite so much. Almost every trip is a cramped, dank and sweaty experience, with temperatures higher than those legally permitted for the transporting of cattle.

Shopping on Oxford Street

Every big city has its own version of Oxford Street, and that’s half the problem. There’s nothing amazingly original about a long street where global chain shops sell sweatshop made yarns. Yet people flock to Oxford Street like what’s on offer there isn’t available anywhere else, making it one of the most stressful places in the city. Some sadists even go just to “browse”.

Driving anywhere

It’s expensive, gives you a numb bum, an overused clutch and is likely to make you loathe cab drivers. The only worse thing than driving in London is parking in London.

Madame Tussauds

John O’Ceillaigh writes: “I’ll tactfully avoid commenting on the quality of the attraction itself, but I will say I’m filled with despair every time I see the masses of tourists that queue at length to enter Madame Tussauds. Tales of interminable waits are traded online like war stories and I can help but feel disappointed at seeing visitors to London spend such a significant chunk of their weekend break or special holiday on busy, unprepossessing Marylebone Road. For those who are determined to visit Madame Tussauds I would perhaps suggest it’s better experienced when visiting a city with less cultural calibre than London.

View the rest of the list at the The Daily Telegraph

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